About us

Glomax was established in 2007 in Shenzhen of China, which provides strategic and operational support that enables organizations to navigate China’s complex challenges and rapidly changing business environment and consulting throughout greater China. We are an independent, research-driven consultancy that uses specialist resources to deliver integrated business solutions. Our customers involve seven continents and probably 60 countries. We serve for 30,000 customers who work in the different industry and support potential customers obtaining business benefit and have made a benchmark as well. Our core team includes Fortune 500 work experience with senior level, they will provide customers suppliers choosing, factory credit rating, supplier audit, business Representation, cargo inspection, logistics, Capital guarantee. Etc. We draw on their knowledge and connections, and combine them with our project management and strategic inputs, to provide a uniquely strong and flexible service for our clients.

Price &Quality Trouble
how can you find good quality products with competitive price? Before shipping, no trusted and reliable third-part company provide goods inspection, receiving products quality and quantity can not meet customer requirement. 

Safety and Quality Trouble
Sourcing and searching from internet but do not enough information about suppliers background , business and finance reports which lead to make a wrong decision or cheat by suppliers, suppliers do not have product development capacity and management ability, which just is buy-sale firm, importing cargo with no guarantee quality and no feedback after customer complaint. 
Communication Trouble
Language issue, most Chinese suppliers do not speak English, buyer always suffer misunderstanding and culture conflict or products real test environment difference.  

Audit Trouble
Customers want to audit by themselves but small quantity and long distance, time schedule tight. Especially for low volume, high mix products, which need different manufactures to finalize, it is a big challenge to manager all suppliers.  

Lead Time and less inventory Trouble
With shorter product life cycles and changing market demands, companies are forced to embark on a lean journey. It is important to note that the supply strategies in a lean environment support the operations strategy. The challenge is always to find not just a lean concept, but a working lean solution.  

Distribution Trouble
If you are doing business in China, you need to be aware of local laws. If you are unsure about the legality of certain business activities under Chinese law, you should first seek professional legal advice, perhaps you also concern about warehouse, customers service and delivery local site on time, call center etc. 

What all about your concerns, Glomax professional team will help you to overcome those difficulties with our extensive management experience and evaluation skills.