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Q: What types of products does GLOMAX quality control team inspect?

 A: GLOMAX is expert in a wide range of product lines, from textile and garments to electronics, toys, automotive, housewares, building materials, furnitures, shoes, lighting etc...

Q: Is it possible to include several products in the same order?

 A: Yes, if you have a running production of several products ready for Inspection on the same day in the same factory.
To do so, please email us the details and our sales team will quote you a final price on time.

Q: Is it possible to give direct instructions to the Inspector or Auditor or Buyer from GLOMAX ?

 A: Yes it is possible. After you email us the detailed service request and instructions.  Your instructions are transferred straightly to the Inspector (or other GLOMAX staff ) who is asked to focus his attention on during the business service. For better management in China, all our biz services will be supervised by our management term and the client can only contact GLOMAX sales or team leader first.

Q: If I have several suppliers from different locations or parts of China, how can I deal with it ?

 A: You can simply book a 'Purchasing Agent' service from GLOMAX, then GLOMAX staff will arrange domestic logistic service, warehousing, customs clearance, documentation etc for you in China in person, but the ON-SITE quality control inspection service is not covered in such cases and the client has to confirm the quality in person before placing the orders.

Q: What is the difference between GLOMAX On-line Sourcing and On-site Sourcing Service ?

 A:  The main difference is that On-line Sourcing service, with which GLOMAX staff will contact some Chinese Industry Associations, say, China Electronics Association and will not TRAVEL around some manufacturing bases in person, all the services will be performed in the office, while for the ON-SITE Sourcing service, GLOMAX staff will go to local manufacturing bases in person or attending some professional trade fairs in person on behalf of the clients in China. Apparently the On-site Sourcing service can offer better information than that of the On-line Sourcing service in China.

Q: Why is GLOMAX purchasing agent service better than an individual agent in China?

 A: GLOMAX is a team of professional buyers, QC inspectors, auditors and lawyers etc. All the GLOMAX staff is well managed while an individual agent is hard to be managed in China. One of our EU clients suffered a loss of 30000 USD as his agent ran away with the deposit for some reasons after he placed a big order with a factory in China. Apparently a team is better than any individual in international sourcing.

Q: What is the difference between GloMax purchasing agent service and a trade company ?

 A: A trade company will protect their own interests at any time during the business in China. They will not allow the clients to buy directly from their factories. They will 'buy' from the factories and add their own profit, then 'resell' the products to the clients worldwide. While GloMax service will simply act as their own 'assistants, office and eyes 'etc in China, GLOMAX service will protect the customers' interests from the beginning to the end during any business activities in China. All the service charges are fixed and transparent. They only charge a small amount of service fee order by order or case by case, apparently the customer can profit more as they can buy directly from any qualified factory in China with the professional help from GLOMAX staff.
         Trade companies normally do not have their own team of quality control inspectors, factory auditors and lawyers etc. GLOMAX has a team of professional quality control inspectors, auditors and lawyers etc in China and apparently GLOMAX can offer better ONE-STOP business solution services for their clients worldwide.

Q: Do we have to book 'Purchasing Agent' service when we need smooth business from China?

 A:  No, you do not have to book our 'purchasing agent' service if your order is not big enough. Our services are catered for different demands from different clients. You can book part of our 'purchasing agent' service to protect your interests in China in each stage of business. Say, Basic Verification, Quality Control, Loading Process Supervision Service, Factory Inspection (Auditing), Shipping Support etc can be booked separately during your biz activity in China. The client is free to book any of our biz services to protect their interests in China. 'Purchasing Agent' service is catered for large orders in China.  

Q: Can GLOMAX carry out international investigation services?

 A:  Yes, we can, but the areas are limited as we have to work the biz partners in other countries. We mainly focus on China market at present.

Q: What if I'm not happy with GLOMAX services?

 A: Please send complaints to our After-sale Service Department:  You will get a feedback within 24 hours. We shall improve our service quality step by step.

Q: How and when are reports available?

 A: Once the service is completed, you receive the detailed Report in PDF by email (80 % of  them the same day as the Inspection).

Q: Do you have your own warehouses or ships?

 A:  No, for Shipping Support service we only work with some biz partners in China and we do not have our own Warehouses in China at present. All the warehousing service will be charged and shall be discussed case by case.

Q: How can I trust GLOMAX and GLOMAX service ?

 A: GLOMAX has worked for 3000 clients from over 80 countries and areas on the globe so far, you are free to ask GLOMAX for the references from your country before payment. 

Q: How can I book a service from GLOMAX ?

 A: Please leave us a message online or email us your service requirement in details (see Contact Us), our customer department will contact you actively. Each of our biz services has their own service steps and you can simply follow our service steps sent by our sales steam.